Jackie Emerson

Jacqueline Emerson, an innovator, TEDx speaker, Huffington Post Teen blogger, recording artist and actress, is the guide to the SHE’S SO BOSS movement started by Glass Elevator Media and Girl Boss author Stacy Kravetz, focused on giving girls tools to identify and nourish their inner boss – a key component of well being.

Devoted to producing media and resources for young people, SHE’S SO BOSS kicks off this year with a web series introducing girl bosses from around the world to an audience that is hungry to see girls making things happen and setting a high bar of achievement. Their stories are atypical in the media; narratives about being So Boss include determination, resilience, grit, drive and ambition – characteristics not typically coupled with the word “girl”.

To support the series, SHE’S SO BOSS is also publishing a book later this year which will include exercises to help discover one’s inner boss, and is complemented by an online community and networking opportunities to help young people identify and explore the limits of their inner boss; feeding her, nurturing her, and letting her out to create, innovate, and lead.

Jacqueline is an expert in defining her own path, embodying what it is to be So Boss and possess the fearlessness to put yourself out there, take risks, and go after your dreams – even if you’re not quite sure where they’ll lead you. After being cast as Foxface in “The Hunger Games”, Jacqueline took a gap year to identify and strengthen what it was that gave rise to her own voice, before starting college at Stanford University. She discovered along the way that she has a lot to say, share and contribute to people all around the world and SHE’S SO BOSS is her vehicle to helping each and every girl tap into their unique power, in other words, their own BOSS.

You can learn more about Jacqueline and SHE’S SO BOSS at and come see her at Youth, Tech + Health LIVE in San Francisco in April,

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