Alyson Greenfield

In November 2013, Alyson Greenfield’s homegrown music festival the “Tinderbox Music Festival” had its fourth annual performance.

Just four years before, Greenfield’s blog “Dear Lilith Fair” failed to get the young musician a stage on the touring festival. That didn’t stop Alyson Greenfield from gathering a group of friends and music fans in Brooklyn, New York to create a festival of their own.

 Today, the Tinderbox Music Festival is a staple of the independent music scene, highlighting musicians across a wide variety of genres and featuring female-fronted bands.

In 2013, the Festival was held at the famed Music Hall of Williamsburg (Brooklyn) where headliner Deerhoof, and bands such as Awkwafina, Elizabeth and the Catapult, Butter the Children and Alyson herself all performed.

When not advancing the cause of independent musicians, Alyson can be found, writing, composing scores for films, painting, doing yoga, or just about anything that has to do with bringing art to life.

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