Jasmine Campbell

The only thing Olympian Jasmine Campbell fears, the Sochi Olympian told She’s So Boss in a Real Talk video, is fear itself. From the age of 9, it was clear that Jasmine Campbell could be an Olympian, the only question was would she.

Leaving no doubts about her intentions and willingness to work religiously towards her goal, it was at this time that Jasmine and her family moved to Sun Valley, Idaho, from the more balmy climate of St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Competing in two alpine skiing events in Sochi – Giant Slalom and Slalom – Jasmine will be the second woman from the U.S. Virgin Islands to compete at the Winter Olympic Games in alpine skiing, (Seba Johnson was the first participating in 1988 Calgary Winter Olympic Games).

If you are unfamiliar, as we were, Giant Slalom involves skiing between sets of poles, a.k.a. gates, spaced 65 feet apart. The vertical drop is usually around 1,200 feet and racers ski at speeds reaching 50 mph. In Slalom, the poles are spaced much closer together and racers must pass approximately 50-60 poles to reach the finish.

Jasmine is a passionate person in addition to being an athlete who loves the speed and challenge of her sport – she studies philosophy and other liberal arts disciplines and takes seriously her ability to inspire others while continuing to be inspired herself. She has traveled around the world to China and Argentina to train with her role models including Hailey Duke, the former U.S. National Team member.

We’ll be checking in with Jasmine throughout the Olympics and can’t wait to see her in person when it’s all over. We know it’s just the beginning for this Boss.

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