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20X20 Vision Statement


Not enough girls see themselves as leaders, particularly in industries faced with our most pressing global challenges. Most girls aren’t pursuing careers in engineering, science or technology. Not enough are running for office, running medical practices or running teams. In fact, across all industries, less than 20% of leadership positions are held by females.

At a point in their development starting as early as the tween years, the vast majority of young women become uncertain of their ability to create, innovate or lead. In many cases, this never changes as they develop into adults. In other words, not enough girls are activating their inner boss, their innate sense of purpose, which points them in a meaningful and productive direction. Diversity of perspective, ingenuity, productivity, and creativity all suffer from this disparity.


Provide a common language, ground and metric to activate the boss in 20 million girls by the year 2020 – 20×20. Do so with broad based programs that (1) join together disparate efforts working for female empowerment in either a direct pursuit of 20×20 or an indirect byproduct of their own efforts – a commonality nonetheless; and (2) create a programmatic API (application programming interface) which allows specialty organizations and individuals to build upon the program’s core principles.

Distribute the program free and widely through schools, non-profits and businesses, asking only that each and every girl be counted as part of the 20 million. Celebrate each Breaking 20 milestone by honoring the individuals and organizations who activated the most girls, every 200, 2,000, 20,000 and so on.


Millions of new bosses. Side by side leadership across all industries, which will lead to a more thoughtful, representative, productive and effective (global) problem solving. New ideas will flow and solutions will flourish if closer to 50% of our nation’s leadership represents 50% of our population.