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Our goal: to activate 20 million Bosses, female, fabulous and fearless, by 2020

The reality: Not enough girls see themselves as leaders, particularly in industries faced with our most pressing global challenges. Most girls aren’t pursuing careers in engineering, science or technology. Not enough are running for office, running medical practices or running teams. In fact, across all industries, less than 20% of leadership positions are held by females.

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She’s So Boss will undertake a multi-campus tour led by Four Boss Chicks, young women who are innovators, creators and inspirations to their younger counterparts who need advice and encouragement to ignite their purpose and get them started. Whether the lessons come from sports, music, startup ventures or the arts, they are concrete and relatable. The hosts will entertain with funny, inspiring and sometimes difficult stories and encourage the audience to ask candid questions and share their own goals and journeys. The goal is to harness the energy and skill set young women need to figure out how they want to contribute to the world in a big way and set that journey in motion.

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Stacy Kravetz
Author of “Girl Boss”

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5 Important Steps to Becoming So Boss

1. Register and Make a SHE’S SO BOSS Commitment: I have decided that I commit to being my own BOSS, to discovering my voice, skills and ideas that allow me to make my mark on the world.

2. Write an Action Statement. Take what is So Boss about you and turn it into a plan to make a difference in the world. Next, publish a Goal on our GOALS WALL–there’s’s nothing more powerful than putting something in writing.

3. Find a mentor, whether a parent, friend or teacher. A mentor can be someone who picks you up when you’re down, someone who has done something you consider So Boss. Your mentor can give you information, tips, direction, and most importantly, your mentor will be honest with you.

4. Write an Action Plan. This is where you take your idea and your goal and you break it down into steps which will enable you to make it happen.

5. Launch. Make it happen. Put your ideas and your plans into action. We know this is a big one. But everything you’ve done so far will give you the power and resources to get it done. Go, Boss!

Once you have BECOME SO BOSS, your name and your project name will be added to our site.

Register Here to let us know what you’re doing and to enter drawings for Boss swag like our Business Start-up Kit. —  button with name, email, city info for our database

Boss 100 under 30

Watch for our list of the top 100 bosses younger than
30 years old who we think are worth following

The Boss 100

In a world where social media is king and follower ratio is key, it is easy to forget that there was a time when change makers marched on pavement to get a petition signed. They banded together as avid communities that wanted to champion hope and bring equal balance to a robust, chaotic and beautiful world. Today, the globe is more captivating than ever before, with the help of technology, things have become more efficient. Because of the internet, petitions go viral at 230am, videos affect global consciousness and dark injustice is brought to light 24 hours a day, often times without a change maker stepping foot outside of the house.

She’s So Boss, a brand of Glass Elevator Media, prides itself on helping young girls and women find their inner boss and amplify their own voice.  Glass Elevator Media has staunch commitment to featuring and harnessing strong digital and media content. Although Fast Company, Forbes and Time have engineered and perfected the art of the “yearly list”, She’s So Boss wanted one all their own. The dream list would highlight innovators, catalyst, alchemists and all out global ringleaders, featuring the heartbeat that they instill in their communities and companies. She’s So Boss is proud to present The Boss 100, a comprehensive sampling of the greatness that lives next door, that you never bothered to notice on the metro, it features a beautiful tapestry of Social Cheerleaders and Brilliant Underdogs. The Boss 100 isn’t about celebrity and glamour, it is about unbridled  inspiration, fire, and sheer will to never settle for the ordinary.

Curated by Glass Elevator Media, its advisory board and trusted corporate friends,  the Boss 100 are charismatic pragmatists who make the impossible seem all but attainable, they make whistleblowing and history making look extremely fulfilling and fun. Welcome to the new class, welcome to the next generation of HOPE.

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Sara Berman

  Sara Berman is one Boss doctor. She loves psychology, but it’s neuroscience that really sparks her interest. She says her mom likes to tell a story about how she’d always check out her favorite book from the library: it was about dwarfism and she’s been fascinated by science her whole life. That led her to […]

Devin Lytle

@DevDevnumnums Next week, Devin Lytle gets up on the stage at the YOUTH, TECH + HEALTH Live conference in San Francisco to talk about “Real Talk”, a new app she co-founded which re-invigorates the art of storytelling. We’ll be featuring the app here on She’s So Boss later next month. As Devin describes it, Real Talkwill give people […]

Katie Goodman

Katie Goodman knew she was different at a very young age. She could sing, write songs, act, and make people laugh, but she also had opinions about important things and she wasn’t shy about sharing them. These talents led Katie to the University of Pennsylvania and the beginning of a career that has shown no […]

Brenda Villa and Skylar Dorosin

You might think that after 20 World Championship medals, 4 of them in the Olympics, and subsequently becoming the Most Decorated Female Water Polo Player in history, Brenda Villa would take a long vacation. Instead, Brenda teamed up with Stanford student Skylar Dorosin who had the idea to launch Project 2020, bringing the joy of […]

Nasa Hadizadeh

Cultured Productions >> Alt Citizen >> @NASAHDZDH Nasa Hadizadeh was all set to go to law school when she decided to re-write the story of her life and steer towards a completely different direction. In the face of pressure and expectations of those around her, Nasa opted to follow her creative spirit instead. Always a music […]

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