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Sara Berman

Sara Berman MD and PHD Student, University of Wisconsin


Sara Berman is one Boss doctor.

She loves psychology, but it’s neuroscience that really sparks her interest. She says her mom likes to tell a story about how she’d always check out her favorite book from the library: it was about dwarfism and she’s been fascinated by science her whole life. That led her to a Fulbright Scholarship in neurobiology at the Max Planck Institute in Germany.

She’s currently in the middle of an 8-year program at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, getting a joint medical degree and PhD — talk about exemplifying everything Boss! Sara also loves to travel — when she actually has time — and to play music and head out to student nights at the theater. See her latest blog post on our Tumblr where Sara tells us how she got more comfortable talking about her skills and expertise, without worrying so much about sounding conceited.

Sara is now contributing to the She’s So Boss Tumblr. Read about her adventures in Becoming Boss here!

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