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Katie Goodman

Katie Goodman Performer and Activist

Katie Goodman knew she was different at a very young age. She could sing, write songs, act, and make people laugh, but she also had opinions about important things and she wasn’t shy about sharing them. These talents led Katie to the University of Pennsylvania and the beginning of a career that has shown no limitations or fear since the day she first got up on stage.

Katie figured out a way to blend her skills as a performer with her passions as an activist, using her talents to infiltrate the living rooms and mobile phones of the masses. And she has done it again this week with her latest video: “It’s All Gonna Be Okay”. Together with her comedy troupe pals, the eminently talented Maggie Garver, Erin Roberg, Cara Wilder and Missy O’Malley, and co-written and directed with her equally talented husband Soren Kisiel, Katie shares the woes of today’s world – some of them terribly dire – in the spirit of Pharrell’s “Happy”. She manages to show us that we all-to-easily suspend critical thought about things like global warming, population growth, violence, and animal extinction, with a good bee-bop, tambourine and some snappy circa 1970 polyester.

A creator of extraordinary gifts, Katie shows all of us that you can have your cake and eat it too.

Her secret? Katie says working hard is the key. But she’s also the author of the book “Improvisation of the Spirit” teaching us all how to Live a More Creative, Spontaneous, and Courageous Life Using the Tools of Improv Comedy.

There’s so much more to say about this Girl Boss, OK Woman Boss, but we couldn’t resist.

“It’s All Gonna Be Okay” just made us want to sing, dance and share the love (and it’s important message).

Watch It’s All Gonna Be Okay

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