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Nasa Hadizadeh

Nasa Hadizadeh Founder, Cultured Productions and Alt Citizen

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Nasa Hadizadeh was all set to go to law school when she decided to re-write the story of her life and steer towards a completely different direction. In the face of pressure and expectations of those around her, Nasa opted to follow her creative spirit instead.

Always a music and culture aficionado, Nasa started her new career by making simple observations about what the bands and brands she liked were doing online. Knowing she had ideas that could help them attract bigger audiences, she began by approaching boutiques in her Brooklyn neighborhood and offering to talk them up and publicize them throughout various social media. When the shops got attention, Nasa secured her first clients and launched a business called Cultured Productions. The Company now handles social media marketing for a variety of  clients including bands, artists and music festivals.

But this was only the beginning for Nasa; she was only getting started. Last year her company Cultured Productions launched Alt Citizen, an online music magazine. Alt Citizen has since become a highly regarded authority on new music, indie bands and artists.

With passions like photography and directing music videos, we know Nasa’s just getting warmed up.

Check out Alt Citizen now and request a Mix Tape (Spottily Digital Playlist) through the Alt Citizen “Contact” form. Just mention “She’s So Boss” to get your mix!

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